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Date icon LAST UPDATE: 11/4/15

2016 REUNION: August 12 and 13, 2016 -

Sylvia and Ralph Stevens are in the process of finalizing arrangements with the Great Wolf Lodge, in Fitchburg, MA for the 47th Kimball Family Association Reunion in 2016. This venue is an attempt to attract families to the Reunion. This destination resort has many amenities and attractions for people of all ages. The all indoor water park is very popular. Plan to bring your children and grandchildren. More details to come.

Membership Dues

Dec 31 iconOur dues year has been changed to Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year instead of July 1st to June 30. This took effect Jan 1, 2015. Dues will remain at $10.00 per year - January 1 through December 31 each year.

Download this membership form to renew. PDF icon Thank you to those who have already sent in their membership dues.

For those who are not members, please consider joining PDF icon. KFA is a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers to run it. But there are still expenses to make this a viable organization. We depend completely on our dues to fund our activities and research of the Kimball family lineage. Learn more here.

2015 Reunion News


The 46th Kimball Family Association Reunion was really a great time, after a slow start with registrations. Attendees from California, South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and Tennessee participated. Including our very own 95 yr old Past President, Winnifred Kimball formerly of VT, and now from Bucksport, ME, Albert Hall, Past President of NH, and Inez Kimball Past President of ME.

After the Friday Evening meet and greet, members helped with displaying some additional items to the silent auction preparations.

Saturday morning (August 15), after a great breakfast for overnight guests, registration of more members and friends, featured guest speaker, Rhonda McClure, Genealogist at N.E. Historical Genealogy Society in Boston who was sponsored and funded by 1st Vice President, Richard Kimball. She gave wonderful tips for searching and verifying ancestry records supported by slides film and documents.

After lunch we continued with the Annual Business Meeting, opened by President Pro tern Myra Sparkowich. Minutes of previous meetings were read by Judith Miller, Recording Secretary, and accepted. Treasurer Report given by Ed Miller, and accepted. Al Hall III presented a list of potential candidates for 2015-2016 officers. Al Hall III asked for any additional nominations from members present including the unfilled office of 2nd. VP. for 2015-2016. A nomination for 22nd VP was given by Myra Sparkowich and seconded by Al Hall III. The roster of candidates were; President, Myra Sparkowich, 1st VP, Richard Kimball, 2nd VP, Mark Wagner, Treasurer, Edwin Miller, Asst. Treasure, Albert Hall III, Recording Secretary, Judith Miller, Corresponding Secretary, Sylvia Stevens. The roster was accepted as read.

Ralph Stevens presented two, $1000, scholarship awards to:

  1. White Mountains, NHJoel Gardner of Taylorsville, Utah, a second year student at the University of Utah who had an impressive list of Leadership and Community involvement including a two year volunteer missionary in Texas.

  2. White Mountains, NH Erica Bowden of Peabody, MA. a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA, majoring in Actuarial Mathematics with a minor in Music. She is very engaged in many music related organizations and is active in her community and church programs.


The Kimball Family Association's family reunion was held Aug 14 and Aug 15, 2015. As is customary, the new officers were elected. This year the new officers are:

  • President - Myra Sparkowich
  • 1st Vice President – Richard Kimball
  • 2nd Vice President – Mark Wagner
  • Recording Secretary – Judy Miller
  • Correspondance Secretary – sylvia Stevens
  • Treasurer – Ed Miller
  • Asst. Treasurer – Albert Hall III

As far as the committee chairs for Genealogy, Scholarship, Reunion, and a new Media Chair, they remain mostly the same, See "Current Officers" for details.

serve many purposes. First, they increase our connections with other Kimball's and helps increase our changes of finding missing links. Secondly, since $2.50, of our $10.00 annual dues go to the scholarship fund, the more members the more scholarship funds. More members mean more hands, and more volunteers to help with tasks small to large. We need your adult children to join our association. If you have grandchildren, or great grandchildren please encourage the adult head of household to become members, these children could apply for a college or trade school scholarship funds. When doing searches on your genealogy invite other family connections to join the Association. I can be reached by email by clicking here.