Who is KFA?

Date icon LAST UPDATE: 12/22/17

The Kimball Family Association, Inc. is a non-profit association of the descendants of Richard Kimball - from whom nearly all American Kimballs (whatever the spelling) are descended. Richard Kimball came to America in 1634, settled in Watertown and finally in Ipswich, Mass.

KFA Was Founded in 1967

Begun with a modest idea in 1967 and incorporated at York, Maine, in 1972, the Association had grown to a group of nearly 400 members in all parts of the United States, Canada, and in various countries abroad. All Persons of; Kimball, Kimbell, or Kimble ancestry are welcome to join. Click on our "Why Join KFA" section for more membership info and application form". .

Our Mission

The Association is dedicated to the gathering, verifying and correcting of family information toward the updating and revision of the family history "The Kimball Family in America", published in 1897 by Morrison & Sharples; to bringing the family together for fun and fellowship and stimulation of an awareness and appreciation of our past and present heritage; and to rekindle the family traditions and spirit which have developed and existed in America for over 350 years. All descendants are cordially invited to join the family in these pursuits.

What We Do

The KFA has succeeded in publishing "The Kimball Family in America, Volume 1, Volume II, and Volume III" which are available in our KFA's Store and we are currently working on "The Kimball Family in America, Volume IV & V". Each quarter, we distribute a newsletter which updates members on the Kimball Family genealogical research, reports news from the Committees, and items of interest about the Kimball Family.

Membership Dues

$15.00 Annual membership dues are due in January for current year. The annual dues are divided between $11 for general fund for expenses and $4.00 for Education Fund. Check out our “Membership Benefits” Web section.

All dues and financial inquiries may be mailed to our Treasurer, Ed Miller at:

Kimball Family Association
PO Box 180
Southington, CT 16489

Or emailed by clicking here

Genealogical inquiries may be sent to:

Carol Kimball Stahl
3017 Granville Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609-6917

Or send an email by clicking here